Special testing conditions

If you have a visual, hearing, physical or other impairment which might interfere with your ability to take the test in the standard manner, you should write a letter or email to the uniTEST Office as soon as possible after registration.

All such requests must be received at ACER no later than the close of registration deadline and must be accompanied by an explanatory letter from a registered health practitioner. This letter must be no more than one year old. The letters from you and your practitioner must give clear information about your condition and how it affects your ability to sit uniTEST.

Applications for modified testing conditions will be processed after the close of registrations and candidates will be notified of the outcome soon after.

All reasonable efforts will be made to provide appropriate testing conditions for your needs.

uniTEST is a multiple choice test and does not require extended hand writing. Therefore, difficulties with writing will not normally be seen as grounds for granting modified test conditions.